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Walk around the Flaes – Esbeek

Today we had a very nice walk around the Flaes fen and the Reusel river near Esbeek.
I took my Sony A7 II with me. All shots are made using my Helios M4 58mm and Zeiss Sonnar 135mm vintage lenses. As they are old lenses, they show some character, modern super engineered lenses do not.

The Helios is really soft when shooting long focal ranges, and the Zeiss shows some vignetting in in the corners.
Getting to know these lenses is part of the vintage adventure. The A7 II itself shows itself to be a very nice camera. Although I will never use it to its full potential because of the manual lenses, the camera has a great image quality. The only downside until now, is the eyepiece of the EVF. I will replace this one with a bigger version. When it’s sunny the piece isn’t able to shield your eye from the sun.

Click the photos to see bigger versions.

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