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This evening I finished migrating my servers to 95% containerized workloads.

Although lightweight, the setup of the conventional workloads became quiet complex over the years.

As I do not need complex orchestrations or automatic scaling, I managed to move all my business needs to Docker, following the KISS principle, without any Kubernetes involved.

Some of the containerized apps:Nextcloud, PostgreSQL, Django NGINX instances, Jenkins, Buildbot, Node-RED, Camunda, JupyterHub, Gitea, Robot Framework, Mosquitto, XMPP, Redis, Apache CouchDB. The only thing left out of Docker is the backup.

In the past years I managed to move all my business activities, both end user computing and my servers to Open Source , and therefore I don’t suffer from vendor lock-in. My bookkeeping and VAT also has to be done using Open Source software. I use GNU Cash for this, but I have to admit that is a pain. But hey. No pain no gain 😉