This evening I finished migrating my servers to 95% containerized workloads. Although lightweight, the setup of the conventional workloads became quiet complex over the years. As I do not need complex orchestrations or automatic scaling, I managed to move all my business needs to Docker, following the KISS principle, without any Kubernetes involved. Some of the containerized apps:Nextcloud, PostgreSQL, Django NGINX instances, Jenkins, Buildbot, Node-RED, Camunda, JupyterHub, Gitea, Robot Framework, Mosquitto, XMPP, Redis, Apache CouchDB. The only thing left out of Docker is the backup. In the past years I managed to move…continue reading →

Walk around the Flaes – Esbeek

Today we had a very nice walk around the Flaes fen and the Reusel river near Esbeek.I took my Sony A7 II with me. All shots are made using my Helios M4 58mm and Zeiss Sonnar 135mm vintage lenses. As they are old lenses, they show some character, modern super engineered lenses do not.The Helios is really soft when shooting long focal ranges, and the Zeiss shows some vignetting in in the corners. Getting to know these lenses is part of the vintage adventure. The A7 II itself shows itself to be a…continue reading →

New camera

This weekend I made a great deal on a new camera. It's a Sony A7 II full frame camera. Most people use such a beautiful camera with the latest and greatest lenses. I decided not to go that road. A few years ago I really enjoyed taking pictures using a Sony A6000 and vintage lenses. Because of the crop factor (the A6000 has an APS-C sensor) I couldn't enjoy the lenses to their maximum. I decided to sell them together with the A6000. Having enjoyed some other nice cameras in the mean time…continue reading →

VMWare UEM vs OneDrive

A while back I ran into a issue while using the OneDrive Nextgen Client (17.x) on Windows 10 while using VMWare UEM 9.2 as a profile management solution.  The issue was easy to determine: Onedrive just did not start. After ruling out any AppLocker issues, I discovered it had something todo with the UEM process hooks. Blacklisting dllhost.exe, onedrive.exe and onedrivesetup.exe solved the issue. Then UEM 9.3 came out, which fixed the issue, and therefore the manual blacklist could be removed. Recently Onedrive 18.x surfaced. You know where I'm going? Right? No? The…continue reading →

Black Hat Sessions 2017

Today I went to the Black Hat Sessions 2017 in Ede (NL). I have to say that the overall quality of the sessions was a bit less appealing than last year, but there were some interesting things to see. Bill Cheswick's keynote on the topic of "data" and a session by Duncan Campbell called "A century of data stealing" in particular gave me food for thought. Recordings of the videos are available at reading →

Rob miles on AI ethics

An interesting video in which Rob Miles explains some of the ethical issues you will face when building an AI super power reading →