Farewell GitHub

Microsoft is going to acquire GitHub for 7.5 Billion USD. GitHub, without any doubt the most successful source repo site available, will land into the jaws of Microsoft.

I think this is bad news for the FOSS community. Microsoft wants us to believe that they like FOSS nowadays. I will only believe them when they FOSS license their flagships like Windows, Office(365) or SQL.

They also have a bad reputation on discontinuing services they don’t believe in anymore. Because of the fact that the GitHub Platform itself isn’t running on FOSS licensed software, there isn’t a way to escape and host your code somewhere else on a GitHub compatible service. Because of this reason I never put my code on GitHub. It was poisonous by design, and the acquisition makes it a bit more poisonous.

Now lots of people are moving away from GitHub to other services like GitLab. Still it’s another US company, but their platform is FOSS licensed, enabling their users to easily escape in the case of an emergency.

Take a look at their handy tooling for migrating from GitHub to GitLab:
Or just host your own GIT server like I do. I’m considering GitLab for the code I want to put on the web in the future.

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