Windows 10 IOT Core — Fail for now

Last saturday I received the Raspberry Pi 2. Loaded Windows 10 IOT Core on the SD card and booted it up! Wow that looks cool.
First thing I started is a Powershell session to the RPI! Haha very nice. But..hey wait..where is the FTDI support? FTDI…so basic, and so usefull for the IOT. Microsoft didn´t even take the effort to put something like this in their IOT flagship! Ok ok. The Windows 10 IOT Core is a preview version. I wait for the next release.

Windows 10 IoT Core

Yesterday Microsoft deployed Windows 10 IoT Core.
Microsoft already had a IoT platform together with Intel on the Galileo board. But this is different, and is announced clearly to the public.
The first “Windows” running on the ARM architecture. Very promising!

After this news I decided to buy a Raspberry Pi 2 and start experimenting this weekend 😉