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Calusa is a Java class library which takes away the worries of socket programming and issues like multi-threading.
An instance of Calusa is a simple server that opens sockets and listens at those sockets. Calusa provides you with an incoming and an outgoing channel through a Java interface (CommHandler). Those channels can be used to communicate with the peer on the other side of Callusa.
Calusa takes care of multi-threading, listeners and lowlevel session management. You only have to worry about the dialog with the peer.

Calusa can be used to setup very simple telnet-like servers. But more advanced applications like webservices are also possible. This is because Calusa doesn’t care about protocols, dialogs, high level handshaking. That’s your show.

Calusa main features:

  • IPV4 support
  • IPV6 support
  • Multiple listeners (port listeners) per instance
  • High perfomance. Because of low overhead
  • Possibility to attach one CommHandler to multiple listeners. (Multi port applications)
  • General or IP specific bind per listener
  • Multi-threading CommHandlers. Listeners can handle multiple simultaneous connections.
  • Basic IP security. Allow certain connections based on peer network.
  • Low level logging to stdout. This can be captured and redirected by using the provided interface.

The Calusa project is an open source project. Development has been halted, and the code is available for everyone as is. Licensed under the GNU GPL V3 license.

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Copyright (c) 2012 – Patrick Brunier